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This assignment was prepared based on the subject of food innovation and design that learned in our practical class in section 5. We feel very thankful that we have been thought by the very experience lecturer chef zaid. The knowledge in this topic will not be forgotten in our life and also shows how  food innovation is very important in food service operation.. We would like to thanks to our friend because they also have make the class cheerful and success. Good job guys! and for our group member thanks for the cooperation given....Thank you......


Tofu or bean curd is a soft white food made by coagulating soy milk, and then pressing the resulting curds into blocks.Tofu is very popular in the Orient today but tofu was first used in China over 2000 years ago. The oldest evidence of tofu production is a Chinese mural incised on a stone slab. It shows a kitchen scene that proves that soy milk and tofu were being made in China.
A staple in Asia for 2,000 years, tofu is known for its extraordinary nutritional benefits, as well as its versatility. Tofu, also known as soy curd, is a soft cheese-like food made by curdling soy milk with a coagulant. Tofu is a rather bland tasting product that easily absorbs the flavors of the other ingredients.  

Tofu is sold in water-filled packs or in aseptic cartons. Fresh tofu is usually packaged in water and should be refrigerated and kept in water until used. If the water is drained and changed daily, the tofu should last for one week.  In Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, tofu or tahu is widely available and used in many Malay dishes such as sayur goreng, masak lodeh, tahu sumbat, rojak, pecal, gado-gado, lontong and some curries. The Malaysian and Singaporean Indians use tofu in their cuisine such as Indian mee goreng and rojak pasembor. 
Nutritional values of tofu 
  • Tofu is a purely vegetable product, easily digested, rich in B vitamins, low in calories, rich in mineral nutrients, gluten and cholesterol free, to name but a few of its properties. It has an alkaline effect and contains all essential amino acids. Modern science has revealed that it contains phytoestrogens, which are reputed to have cancer inhibiting properties.

Variety tofu flavor

  • As we know tofu product don’t have a lot of variety flavor, usually we only see a basic tofu product that only make from soy milk. Today our group wants to create tofu that had a chicken flavor and taste. It can save our time to cook a meal because inside the tofu it self had flavored already. 
  1. In the beginning of our first class - we need to discuss with our group member on what kind of product we want to produce under subject Food Innovation and design (HCD2304)
  2. After we present our 3 main idea, in our lecture inside the class. Sir Zaid had choose and like one of our idea, there is tofu with filling inside it.
  3. In 24 Feb, 2010 we had doing our first task of experiment of tofu but it was failure, but we never give up on the next week of experiment.
  4. In 3 Mac, 2010 our 2nd experiment, it was success our first product of tofu filling was produce and it was really great. 
  5. In 10 Mac 2010 our task is to change our tofu filling and use a additional ingredients to make it more lovely.
  6. 17 Mac, 2010 we had deciding to using a 2 different way of method of cooking in making a tofu filling.
  7. In experiment 5 at 31 Mac, we try 3 different ways in arrangement of tofu filling for our task and try to store the tofu inside the chiller by soaking the tofu together with a pinch of salt.
  8. For our last of experiment ( 7 April 2010) before the exhibition day, to see the tofu, condition whether is ok or not after we keep in chiller about 1 week and to see the result we need to deep fried the tofu in a medium heat until it change into a golden brown. 
  9. 1 day before the event we had use about 2 kg of soy bean to produce tofu filling product for the exhibition day.
  10. On the day of event, 14 April 2010, we had do 2 different way of cooking method (fried and steam) and for the filling also got 2 flavor (chicken and meat). we also provide 2 different types of sauce (chili and soy sauce).
  11. The event was success the judges also have given us a good comment, they say our tofu is different, we so happy even do we didn't we this competition.

    Our final product that we had produce earlier for presentation in I-food exhibition on 14/4/2010, Wednesday, in student lounge unirazak main campus.This week task is a final result for us, to present our tofu filling. What we had done for the hole semester and in experiment that we had done in FID earlier. In this competition 3 judges will evaluate our product, there is Maria Tunku Sabri, Chef Adzhar Md. Zin, and Mr. William Quah. They will evaluate us whether our product issuccess or not, this will effect our marks for the subject Food Innovation and Design.
    • Our final group decision and check a list.
    • We fried and steam the tofu filling, for the presentation I-Food Exhibition in student lounge for the presentation, we set up our table using a Japanese theme for our group concept.
    • Check list, all that we plane had been done or not; with need to be change or to be done.
    • Wish a good luck and give support to all our friend in other group for their presentation.
    • The event during well and what we plane for our group was smooth.
    • We waiting our tern to present our product with our high confident level.
    • When the judges arrive to our table we start to present our product there is a tofu filling product.
    • During the event we distribute our brochure and we gift a free taste of our tofu for the guest present on that day. Full fill the evaluation form of our product by writing a comment for our product,so that we know our weaknesses,what need to be improve.
    • All the food that we provide on the particular event had been finish, looks like they love it.
    • Closing ceremony and the presentation was made, congratulations to the team success and for the rest don't you ever give up on what that you had plan.     
    • After the event finished, we pack our things and went to back to kitchen to clean out our section.
    • Thanks to our group, because the success on our presentation of our product, event do we didn’t win this competition.
    • On the end of the event, we had been told with our lecture there is will be postmortem, on Wednesday, 21, April 2010. 
  • Not enough ingredients provides for us.
  • Need to innovate the first original recipe that make our first task failure.
  • Need to find way arrangement filling inside the tofu, if not the tofu will split with the filling.
  • Think how to make the tofu had a long live time. 
We had success to finishing this subject (Food Innovation and Design) for the semester, we had learn so many thing in our practical class and how we realize why this subject is important for culinary student because it can help student to identify, discover through experimentation on food nutrients, flavor and taste. This event also give us an experience how to work in pressure, how to solve problem, how to plan thing.... this is we get for learning in this subject. 


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