Tuesday, March 23, 2010



1. Task ‘A’ mix the chicken filling together with the 1/3 tofu. First saute the onion and garlic then put some chop carrot then seasoning with white pepper, salt and the oyster sauce, finally garnish it with spring onion and coriander leaf.
2. Task ‘B’ mix all the ingredients of the chicken filling and blend into food processor, then wrap the filling into a plastic raping, lastly boiled it until the filling cook. 


• Measuring the ingredients correctly.
• Follow the same method, steps and the amount of ingredients that wee had done last week.


• Task ‘A’ divide the tofu into 3 part and using 1/3 tofu for mix with the filling.
• Task ‘B’ just put the filling that had been cook earlier in a middle of tofu.


• Both results looks great, and both texture are perfect.
• For this week task wee need to keep the tofu inside the chiller for about 1 or  2 weeks and we had record the date to see the expired dates.
• Before wee keep into chiller, first we soak the tofu together with 2 pieces of dried tamarind slice, so that its will had longer shell live time.



When we cut the tofu into a couple of pieces, both seen just nice the filling not breach with the tofu and the texture are great (soft) , but we had thinking that to get a better result, we should let the tofu press longer enough into the mold for the excess water about 30 to 45 minutes.

Monday, March 22, 2010



Change the filling from meat to chicken mince and sauté with onion and garlic; seasoning with black pepper and garnishing with spring onion and coriander leaf and  plate with seaweeds sheet. 


  • Identifying last week performance, what was wrong and what need to be improved.
  • We had decided that, we will reduce the amount of G-D-L powder from 3 tbsp into 2 tbsp.
  • Follow all the step and method of cooking that we had done last week.


    ·         Blend the soak soya bean using ratio 2:3 and strain it using a cheese cloth to get the soy milk.
    ·         Cook in medium heat with the right temperature.
    ·         Cook the filling using a new recipe and fill it into a tofu.


    • After we press the tofu inside the mold with the heavy object about 30 minutes for the excess water from tofu come out.
    • Deep fried the tofu filling into the cooking oil until it golden brown.
    • The result, the tofu is breach , the tofu not stick together with the filling this is all because of the seaweed that we use as a plate for the filling, inside the tofu; so what should we do is to deep inside the batter and roll it white bread crumb before we fry it. 


    The conclusion, the amount that we use in G-D-L powder is just nice; we decide that we will not use a seaweeds as our filling because it will make the tofu split out with the filling that we made earlier or if we want to use it we need to blend the seaweeds first into a food processor than cook together with the chicken filling.     

    Sunday, March 7, 2010



    4 Cup Soya Bean
    6 Cup Water
    3 tsp Curdling powder
    125ml Water

    1. Blend the soak soya bean with the water and strain it the milk....Cook soya milk in pot for 10 minutes over medium heat until the fragrance of the soya milk is noticeable, keep stirring the milk while cooking.

    2. Turn to low heat and continue cooking until boiling. Measure the temperature of the milk must be in 85˚C (185˚F).

    3. 3 tsp Curdling powder (G-D-L) mix with water; mix evenly. Pour the coagulator into a container and stir well.

    4. Hold the soy milk 60cm above the coagulator and quickly pour into the container.

    5. Do not move or shake the container and let the mixture set for 5 minutes until the soya pudding is set.

    6. Cover the mold with a big piece of cheesecloth the mold has to have ability to drain water.

    7. Gently break the soy pudding into pieces and put into cheesecloth in the mold. Cover it whit the cheesecloth.

    8. Close up the mold and put the heavy object on top of the mold.

    9. Leave the weight about 30 – 45 minutes and when the tofu is ready remove from the mold.

    10. Then we deep fry the tofu and it can eat with the sauce. 


    200gm Mince meat
    2 tsp Cajun powder
    2 tsp Chili powder
    2 tsp Paprika powder
    3 tsp Tomato sauce
    1 tsp Pepper
    A pinch of salt

      1. Saut̩ the meat until it dried for about 5 Р8 minutes; cook in medium heat.
      2. Then add in all the ingredients above and stir well; cook about 8 minutes.
      3. After the meat cook, closed the heat and cool it and it ready to use for tofu filling.

      Before the task

      • Checking list whether all the ingredients is there.
      • Modified the last week recipe using ratio 2:3
      • Replace lime juice into curdling powder (Gluconod-Delta-Lactone)
      • Prepare all the tools that we use, such us blender, bowl, mold and so on. 

      During the task

      • Follow the entire step that we had in the original recipe.
      • While waiting the tofu curdling, we cook the filling and cool it before adding into tofu.
      • We had divided the ingredients (tofu) into two, for adding the filling into 2 different ways. To see which is batter.

      After the task

      • After put the tofu into mold, we press it with batu lesung or something heavy for excess the water.
      • After left it the tofu into 30-40 minutes, we take out the tofu from the mold and cut the tofu filling into a pieces
      • Then we deep fried the tofu into medium heat until it golden brown.
      • After that we can see the end result.


      We had learned for our last week mistake and our second experiment was success because we had correcting what was wrong. For the week experiment we saw that our tofu is not too soft is quite hard a little bit.What we need to do for the next week task is to less the amount of curdling powder from 3 tsp into 2 tsp.